Bracketless Shelf

Bracketless Shelf

Bracketless Shelf

Bracketless Shelf

If you considered putting up shelves was a occupation greatest still left to the professionals, think again – floating shelves can be fitted effortlessly on a Saturday early morning or afternoon, providing you lots of trendy storage room.

You will need

o Retractable tape measure

o Electronic wire and pipe detector

o Soul degree

o Drill

o Screws or fittings: 50mm screws and plastic Rawlplugs if repairing to concrete or brick, 40mm screws if repairing to wood joists, or 65mm steel plasterboard anchors is repairing to plasterboard.

o Hammer (to drive in Rawlplugs)

o Screwdriver

Assemble Your Shelf

Phase 1: Initial, decide how several shelves you would like, and how higher you want them. If you want to place storage baskets underneath, the lowest shelf should be no less than 90cm from the floor, and the room among every shelf should be at the very least 30cm, which will in shape most publications.

Phase 2: Making use of an electronic detector, verify that the area of wall in which you program to hang the shelves is totally free from concealed pipes or cables.

Phase 3: Place your 1st bracket in opposition to the wall, making use of a soul level to make certain it really is level. Mark the correcting-hole positions with a pencil.

Stage 4: Making use of the pencil signifies, drill holes into the wall. Our floating shelves needed 5 screws, which were not integrated with the shelf – check when you purchase. Always choose screws or fittings that are appropriate for the substance of your wall (see earlier webpage). Screw the bracket into spot.

Stage five: Slide the shelf onto the bracket to examine that it is level (use the soul degree to make positive). As soon as you’re pleased with the place of this shelf and the way it appears, slide it back again off the bracket so that you can position the rest of the brackets.

Step 6: When all the brackets are in location, slide the shelves on and fix into place with the little screws provided with the shelf, making use of the pre-drilled holes on the underside of each and every shelf.

Stylist’s idea

Line your shelves up for a formal complete, or stagger them for a contemporary search

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