A fireplace mantel is beautiful to have previously mentioned your fireplace. It enables you to accent your hearth by resting candles, photos, statuettes, trophies, and other private results that include emotional warmness to your home.

Nevertheless, if you’re not careful, you can damage fireplace shelves extremely simply. And here is how…

A few Simple Methods to Ruin Your Hearth Mantel

#one Let Your Candles Burn

If you have a fireplace mantel shelve, you most likely have at minimum 1 candle on it. It is a standard merchandise to have on a mantelpiece. Lighting candles on hearth shelves can increase a touch of romance to the room and established the best feeling. Nonetheless, if you let your candles burn for a prolonged period of time of time, wax can end up on the floor of your stunning mantel, leaving stains and a general mess. So when it arrives to hearth shelves, preserve an eye on the candles you location on them.

#two Use Your Mantelpiece as a Coaster

About the vacations, it is conventional to gentle a hearth, place on your best holiday sweater, have a cocktail, and sit/stand by the fire. It is just the factor to do. Nevertheless, if you have that one uncle or grandfather that likes to have a consume, stand by the hearth and tell old family tales, he unquestionably rests his drink on your hearth mantel. If you have a solid wood fireplace mantel, then this activity can rapidly begin to wreck its end. The previous issues you want are consume rings on your hearth shelve. And if you permit this sort of activity to proceed, before you know it, your mantel is riddled with rings from cocktails of holidays previous.

#3 Don’t Clean Your Fireplace Mantel

Feel it or not, but some folks in no way thoroughly clean their mantel. They set a few knickknacks on it and in no way contact it once again. They don’t dust or polish it. Letting filth build up on fireplace shelves will eventually dull its finish and trigger irreversible injury. So if you don’t want to wreck your hearth mantel, thoroughly clean it from time to time.


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