Wire Cabinet

Wire Cabinet

Wire Cabinet

Wire Cabinet

How to install under cabinet lights is a straightforward task that can be tackled with just a few several hours and resources. Beneath cabinet lights can help brighten up any kitchen area. It provides out and accentuates your counter tops. There are all types of options available in under cabinet lights. Tone easy? It can be. Let’s get began.

The initial step to any home improvement project is to take a journey down to the components shop.
You’ll want the subsequent items

A roll of #12 wire
Under cabinet lighting
Electrical box
two way light switch
Wire ties

Initial thing to do is program out the cabinet lights. Take a measurement of the depth of the cabinets then center the lights and nail them into place. Space the lighting equally apart for even counter leading lighting. Run the energy cable among the lights in collection. For a neat appearance use some wire ties with double backed tape trapped to the under aspect of the cabinet. These will stick to the cabinet and you can use the zip ties to hold everything in spot. Poke a hole by way of the beneath aspect of the cabinet and operate the energy cable up via the hole.

The subsequent stage is to run energy from the circuit panel to the lights. Punch a tiny hole in the back of the cabinet and then another via the drywall behind it.

Now it is time to place in a light change. To preserve time and wire just lower out a square between two studs and nail in an electrical box. Run the #12 wire from the attic down by way of the wall to the outlet box. Operate wire from the switch box up to the hole powering the cabinet. Here you will tie in the lights wire with the change wiring. Use some wire nuts and make up the lights finish of the circuit. For a neater physical appearance press the wires back into the wall. Now move back to the outlet box and wire up the light swap and screw it into place. Then set up the include plate more than the complete factor.

Subsequent shift to the fuse box, kill power to the panel and wire in the new circuit. Reenergize the panel and head back again into the kitchen area. Get a bundle of light bulbs and start put in them in your new below cabinet lighting.

Now it is time to examination. Just flick the change and make sure that everything arrives on.

All that’s still left is the clean up.

Go back again to the holes you made in the wall and fill them with a silicon sealant.

Sweep up any sawdust followed by a wet rag for a last dusting.

Which is all there is in figuring out how to set up beneath cabinet lighting. All you require are a couple of straightforward tools and elements. A couple of free of charge several hours on the weekend and you are going to have a fantastic established of below cabinet lighting. It’s a inexpensive simple way to make more than any kitchen. So why not block out a Saturday afternoon and spend a tiny time revitalizing your kitchen


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