Speaker Shelves

Speaker Shelves

Speaker Shelves

Speaker Shelves

Gone are the days of having your stereo speaking just sitting on the floor or desk. With the extremely attractive styles that are now accessible on the market place, you can locate a speaker shelf in several distinct appears and designs. They can be made of wood, metal, plastic, glass or aluminum. If you cannot locate some thing that appeals to your taste, you can even get ambitious and make them for your self, for a customized seeking job.

A extremely well-liked option for shelving your speakers are the corner mounted kind. These can be mounted as a floating kind shelf where no brackets are visible. They have become so well-liked with audio buffs since they allow for the sound to emanate from the corner, spreading it across the area in just the same way that a mega mobile phone operates. Giving you a better, a lot more enjoyable, truer sound for all your favorite songs.

Some of the more recent styles in the speaker shelf market truly have the speakers developed into the shelf. They have all the wires and necessary controls readily available for simple hook up and attachment. These have confirmed to be gaining even a lot more recognition over the past couple of years, as the design features continually boost. When mounting this kind of unit, be positive to provide for sufficient bracing as you will have the additional excess weight of typically the two talking being built into the shelf.

You can also locate speaker shelves that sit on the floor for their base. There is virtually no assembly necessary with these models. A great deal of them have CD shelves already integrated into the design, so there is no want to go out and buy further stands to residence them.

No matter what type of speaker shelf you select, you will locate they will provide an extra fashion to any area, and an added speaker performance. By having your speakers elevated up of the floor on a shelving unit, you will get far better sound clarity and quality for a more satisfying listening experience.

Pinpoint Universtal Bookshelf Speaker Wal Mount – Pinpoint AM40B

Pinpoint Universtal Bookshelf Speaker Wal Mount - Pinpoint AM40BProduct Description
Pinpoint Universtal Bookshelf Speaker Wal Mount – Pinpoint AM40B.
Compare Pinpoint Universtal Bookshelf Speaker Wal Mount - Pinpoint AM40B

Product Features

  • 90 degree swivel, 7 degree tilt.
  • Can support a speaker 5.5”” to 11″” wide, up to 13”” deep.
  • Weight limit: 55 lbs.
  • Side clamps have specialized non-marking, non-slip isolation pads to provide a safe and secure contact point for the speaker.
  • Plastic cover plate hides screws wall back plate.

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